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HydroBlocker Hidroizol Elastic

Product description

HydroBlocker Hidroizol Elastic is a two-component, elastic polymer modified cement-based coating. It is suitable especially for damp proofing or pools, balconies, water reservoirs, bathrooms, shower enclosures. Once hardened the coating is elastic and can thus also be used to protect cracks which have formed on a concrete surface. The product is compatible with adhesives suitable for C2 type of tiles.


  • 6kg set A + 2.3kg set B
  • 19kg set A + 7.1kg set B


  • One set (6kg + 2.3kg) per 2.5m2 (2.3m2) when two layers are applied
  • One set (19kg + 7.1kg) per 7m2 when two layers are applied