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HydroBlocker Superelastic

Product description

HydroBlocker Superelastic is a waterproof coating used for sealing and damp proofing of both horizontal and vertical surfaces as well as of various leakages and cracks both on roofs and walls. It can also be used as a protective agent for wooden constructions. It is suitable for sealing of gutters, pipe sleeves, skylights, domes, various wall/roof penetrations and chimney flashings. It provides excellent adhesion to most materials even if they are old and moist. It covers up cracks well and has a short curing time. It is resistant to diluted chemicals and UV light. It is solvent-free and can be painted. Once cured the surface is no longer sticky.


  • portion 0.7kg
  • aluminium foil bag (5 kg) PVC pail,
  • aluminium foil bag (5 kg + 5 kg) PVC pail


  • approx. 1.4kg/m2 (for a 1-mm thick layer)
  • 2kg/m2 (for two 1-mm thick layers with HydroBlocker Geotextile)